Rainbow Effect With Dye

Jennifer, My daughter would like to make a rainbow organza prom dress. I am having trouble finding the fabric she wants. Is there a way of dying organza with different colors creating a rainbow effect? Thanks Becky

Dear Becky,
Now this is a tough one. At the same time, the effect that she proposes would be unique and beautiful, and if you are up for an adventure, it will be fun. It is possible to dye silk organza (don’t try it with polyester). Since the prom is not next week, you could learn to do the special effect dyeing that this would require. You can look through the books available at www.dharmatrading.com and see if any offer the technique for the effect you want. Get enough fabric to experiment on before you start on the dress fabric itself. Dharma carries all the supplies that you will need. You can get undyed silk organza from them too, and I also suggest that you post a note at fabrics.net to check on other suppliers.
Have fun and write back to report!

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