Rayon/Polyester/Lycra Bleach and dye possible?

I have a fabric that is purple and I need it to be light blue. It’s 65% Rayon/33% Polyester/2% Lycra. What would be the best method to go about bleaching it and then dying it?



One Response to “Rayon/Polyester/Lycra Bleach and dye possible?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Don’t Bleach!  Jacquard dyes has a color remover.  Rit has a color remover as well, try that first.  Read the instructions carefully.  Polyester usually requires something pretty caustic to remove or add color and that will kill the rayon fibers.  Rit is mostly for natural fibers so isn’t as damaging but I hope your not too attached to the fabric because if you start using the more heavy dyes and removers then you may end up with a fabric with lots of holes.  Be careful and start with the gentler stuff.  Good luck!