Re-Building My Guitar Case

guitar caseHello Andy!
Hey. I wanted to “re-build” my guitar case so to speak. I need to finish it really soon. (end of semester soon) and I just started… But the problem I have is… I cant find the right kind of fabric used to cover the case. It looks like leather from a distance. But it frays or whatever (no clue about this)
So do you know what type of fabric is typically on a guitar case? And if not can you recommend a new type of fabrics to put on it?
I don’t want to do to much to it. It is a very old guitar. Much older then my 17 years. So if you could please please please find out what type of material it is. Or what kind I can use.
Thank You.

Dear Danny: Get yourself down to a fabric store with the case and look around. It may be fun to cover the case in some new funky stretch print. The old stuff is well…..old. Think ZZ Top. I’ve seen cases in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame that was covered in fake fur and all kinds of fun things. Experiment with the case and have fun. Good Luck, Andy

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