Re-Dye Denim

A quick question about re-dyeing old faded denim. I have an old (Levi) jean jacket that is perfectly broken-in. Problem? It is also faded so bad it looks in worse shape than it is. I would like to re-dye it with a denim blue dye (Rit) to make it look new again. Will this work? Seems I read somewhere this will not restore the (near) original look of the denim fabric. I’m just too cheap to spend 80.00 on a new jacket when this one has so much wear left in it!
Thanks in advance!

Dear John,
First, remember that dyeing is an inexact science. There’s only a small chance that you’ll get the exact thing that you have in mind. You won’t get a brand-new look, because the dye will take unevenly – sort of like adding watercolors over other colors. The faded areas will come out lighter than the darker areas.
Having said this, your jacket is a good candidate for over dyeing. Look at the Rit website (www.ritdye.com) and see what they say about denim. You may come out with something even better than what you started with!
Have fun,

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