Re-Dyeing A Black Shirt Faded To Brown

My question is I accidentally washed a black Armani shirt in warm and it looks slightly brown in certain lights. How do I save this shirt and re-dye it black???

Dear Christine,
Isn’t it amazing that even I continue to learn about doing laundry properly? I recently learned that using Ivory Snow liquid will prevent black from fading. My friend Brenda told me about this and all her black t-shirts look like brand new!!
As for re-dyeing black – go to www.dharmatrading.com and request a catalog. Dyeing black is a bit tricky, but re-dyeing is at least the easiest option. Read the catalog carefully and choose either a Procion dye or one of the industrial dyes. You can write or call dharma staff for further consultation, too.
Good luck,

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