Re-Dyeing Without Fading

Hi Jennifer, I have a couch that I purchased from someone and the upholstery has fading that’s occurred from sunlight. The upholstery is removable and the cushions also have removable covers. I am trying to figure out what the material of the covers. I went to the website where the item was purchased and the color is like an olive/sage color which is discontinued. I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities. It could be (1) 100% cotton upholstery or (2) 40% poly, 30% cotton, 18% viscose, 8% wool 4% nylon. I’m wondering if there is a possibility to re-dye the fabric so that the fading would be evened out or even covered completely. Janet

Dear Janet,
for this I am going to send you to Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com. You can’t do the job yourself and she is a pro at such things. Best results will be obtained if the fabric is all cotton. How you can discern if they are the other fabric content combination is: poly and rayon are slightly shiny and smoother; any wool content will be a bit coarser and more scratchy. Compare your fabric to a pair of all-cotton khaki pants or a woven shirt. This is what you are feeling for.
good luck

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