Real Definition of Denim?

I know denim when I see it because I worked with it for years. But I have need to be able to explain to others the difference between denim and other styles of fabric. The reason for this is our dress code, some argue that it’s the color, others that its the weave. But to clear this up we need and expert.¬†After many hours of searching online and finally contacting Levi Strauss & Co., who in turn directed me to you, I fill you are certain to be the most knowledgeable person to contact, and possibly my last resort.

Does it matter the % of cotton or other types of thread used to make the weave in Denim?

Or is it just the weave itself?

Please explain in laymen terms as much as possible, so we can clear up this BIG issue with dress codes and move on with more important business at hand.

Thank you,

Doris Mashburn

By: Doris Mashburn

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Doris,
    Denim is a basic cotton or blended fabric woven with a warp-faced right-hand twill, traditionally with the warp yarn in blue with a white filling.
    The problem you may face is that the designers are now using colored denim in garments so you will see yellow, blue, white, green, etc., in denim garments. Thus using the term “denim” in a dress code can be tricky to define unless the dress code specifically names color and style of garment. For example “Blue denim pants or slacks” could narrow down the dress code requirements.
    My recommendation would be to be as specific as possible in defining denim in the dress code otherwise the discussion will become more important than the dress code. I have a feeling that there might be other business that is more important than the dress code?

    Let me know if I my answer wasn’t what you need, Doris.