Reasonable Prices For Printing Large Amounts

printingDear Andy,
How does the “little guy” afford to have your own design printed on fabric, say 2 yards 36 wide. Is there not a company out there that can do it cheaper? Say you wanted to do your print on a scarf? Would it cost as much as what you said in your feed back about designing your own fabric? How does one buy cheap fabric with a print on it for some times $ 12 a yard when it costs around $500 to print one yard? What about China or overseas? Can a small company print your design at a reasonable price without printing up 1,000 of bolts of fabric to bring the cost down? If no company out there, then this would be the business to get into, reading about feed back of a lot of people that would like to design their own printed fabric. Thank You

Wen: Some companies have figured out a way that a consumer can print their own fabric, using their ink jet printer. Visit www.junetailor.com and select Printer/copier fabrics. Good Luck, Andy

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