Recycled Coffee Ground Fabric? Really?!

Image via Flickr

Our designer, Kirsten, started this discussion yesterday with her blog, “Fabric Made From Coffee Grounds?”  I am a curious person and wanted to see how the coffee grounds are used in making of fabric and found that the grounds in the form of small particles of coffee charcoal are imbeded into yarn then made into fabric.  Keeping warm with recycled coffee beans


Coffee charcoal is used to create a fabric that keeps body heat close to the skin.

Unlike bamboo fabric, the recycled coffee ground fabric absorbs odors, wicks away moisture and has UV protection.  Bamboo fabric companies have been told by the FTC to stop advertising that bamboo fabric has antimicrobial properties. More information on this topic and a very informative discussion can be seen at the Patagonia web site.

New Balance has come out with their Sports Bra using recycled coffee ground fabric:  SPONSORED: Five Reasons to Talk About Your Sports Bra


You read that right: The bras in this line are spun from yarns made out of recycled coffee grounds. That means they’re good for the environment, and good for your skin – it took three years to develop the fabrics, which wick

Coffee grounds have so many uses from garden composting to coffee soap and now performance t-shirts  Coffee Grounds and Trees Please! – J&H Lanmark – The Outdoors


You bet! It’s DriLayer Fresh fabric is a wicking poly/Tencel blend. Tencel is the eco-friendly wood pulp fiber of the future! And the seams and nape are made with odor-controlling DriLayer Buzz, literally recycled coffee grounds!

Enjoy, thanks to Kirsten!



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