Refinishing Cushions

We just completed remodeling our kitchen, and in the process we had our existing chairs refinished to match the cabinet wood. We also had the pads on them recovered by an upholstery person. Unfortunately, the fabric we selected came back much lighter than we expected – almost white. The chairs have two cushions each: back and bottom. Is there any way short of removing the pads again from the wood, that we can darken the material – to perhaps a light brown or golden sage? If so, can you please describe the process? Thanks so much for your help

Dear Gayle,
I can’t recommend any method that will be a sure-fire cure. Dyeing, even tea dyeing, is a water-based process that requires agitation and a lot of rinsing. One possible option is Simply Spray, a fiber paint which comes in a limited number of colors. But maybe you can find something you like! www.simplyspray.com. Carefully mask off the rest of the chair. You could also try looking carefully at the textile paints available at www.dharmatrading.com. Look carefully for one that does not require heat setting.
Keep in mind all dyeing is an experiment, and don’t be too attached to the outcome.

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