regarding vintage Penimaid

Hi, I have an interesting question for someone…In my mothers things I found a brown paper bag color, envelope that reads Penimaid(around the word Penimaid it looks like a shadow of the letters,then under that is Honor brand then the word Penco then a lady dressed like the 30’s style, then the word Quality,then under that rectangle box its centered as well,) Embroidery Design No. 524, then on the left side of this envelope it reads, Stamped on Pure Oyster Linen, on the opposite side it reads : same design can be found in scarf,centerpiece,buffet set and 3 piece vanity set. Towards the bottom of the envelope there is a rectangle picture of a dinning room set with the window,buffet table,…then on each side it reads, to be worked with J & P Coats embroidery cottons Boilfast Colors, then on the other side it reads, or Clarks O.N.T. Embroidery Cottons Boilfast Colors, then at the very bottom left corner there is W.H. 11095… My Question is this: Is this item from about the 40’s? I think so, and also : how do I care for this after I do the Embroidery?? Thankyou so much for your time, I can not find this anywhere so far, Sherry

By: Sherry

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Sherry,
    I can’t tell you the date of your treasure but I can tell you that you can wash the linen after it has been embroidered then iron.  Hopefully some of our readers can give you more information!

  2. Judi says:

    Hi Judith  and Sherry,

    Penimaid was a brand of embroidered items sold by J.C. Penny Co from 1912-1930.  The designs were often hand painted with lines drawn around them to be embroidered and were manufactured by King Hearch in CA who manufactured stamped items for embroidery (pillow cases, dresser
    scarves, crib tops and matching pillow cases, etc.) and sold them through department stores. In 1930 the
    company was operating under the name Vogue Needlecraft Company, Inc. and
    had a New York address. In 1930 the word “Vogart” was registered as a

    The brown paper envelopes sometimes had a green border and most of these items sold for 49 cents to $1.  The embroidery thread was never included.  I have such a crib top and pillow cover and envelope showing the 3 Little Pigs which can be seen at my website – http://www.fibush.net as number 12.0.  It was made in 1927.

    Your set was probably done in the early 1930’s.  By all means keep the envelope even if it is ragged, torn, etc.  Judith is correct about washing your items.  If they are painted which was done by hand, do use a mild soap such as Dreft, Orvus, etc and cold water.  King Hearch used very high quality linen for their items.

    Hope this helps.

    Judi Fibush, a BIG fan of Fabrics.net and Judith