Removing Color From Polyester

I bought brand new ivory 100% polyester sheer/voile with macrame top curtains. I really wanted white, but have been looking for over a year and haven’t seen any white sheer curtains I liked. But, I love these curtains, so I bought them in hopes of making them white. Sounds like from what Katy says below that I’m probably out of luck. But, even if I could lighten them that would be better than nothing.
Any suggestions?

Dear Sharon,
It is very difficult to remove color from polyester. There are products that “discharge” the color from natural fibers, but polyester dyeing is a different animal. You could try Katy’s method with oxygen bleach – you have nothing to lose! You could also try chlorine bleach, but be sure to do this in the yard in very old clothes, rinsing everything well with the hose.
www.Tapestria.com is a good source for sheers of all kinds. This is a site available only “to the trade.” Contact an interior designer for access to this site.
I know it seems like a big pain to locate just what you want at times. I look at it as a great adventure! Everything is out there somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding it.
Have fun,

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