Removing Yellow Color From Veil

Hello – I hope you can help me. I’m in a real fix here. My customer purchased an embroidered bridal veil from me which she wanted dyed ivory. I goofed and used too much yellow. It’s the embroidery threads that are too yellow. The tulle is OK. Is there a product I can use that will either remove or at least lighten the yellow? Thanks for any help.

Dear Ann,
Dharma Trading Company sells a product that will discharge the dye. I have not used it and don’t know how it will come out on the embroidery. In my experience, usually the embroidery is rayon and the tulle nylon, of course. These two fibers take the dye differently. You can call the good folks at Dharma to ask them some questions about your overly-yellow piece.
I looked at your website, you have some lovely things!!

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