Repurpose with Tie-Dye


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Have fun with tie-dye!  Any natural fabric can be tie-dyed with fiber reactive dyes and it is fun!  These fabrics include silk, cotton, wool, linen and some blends like cotton/polyester.  Remember with the blends that have polyester the dye may not be as vibrant and may not last through many washings.


You can even tie-dye in a simple pattern like these two friends did.Happy-Go-Lucky: Heart TieDye Shirt {Perfect for Valentine’s Day}


heart tiedye t-shirt Valentine’s Day tutorial. heart tiedye t-shirt. My friend Stephanie and I just finished making tiedyed Valentine shirts for our favorite little valentines and we couldn’t be happier with them. heart tiedye t-


Or tie-dye a scarf It’s Only Jen: DIY Rainbow Scarf (tie dye)


DIY Rainbow Scarf (tie dye). My new favorite accessory! picture 002. The original purpose behind this Rainbow Scarf was a DIY pair of Luxury Jones Boots, more specifically these. After giving that idea a lot of thought I


Or custoomize your BMX seat with tie-die.How To Tie Dye Your Fiend Seat With JJ Palmere


This is a pretty dope how to from Steve-O and Peep Game showing off how to customize a denim seat like JJ Palmere’s signature one from Fiend. Here JJ Palmere takes a few minutes to show you guys how to customize your


A few teens are using tie-dye shirts for fund raising.  Teens tie-dye for global good – Windsor Star


Teens tie-dye for global goodWindsor StarThe boys make and sell tie dye T-shirts for $25 a piece, then hand over the profits to help improve the lives of impoverished children in Rwanda. The brand name, and ensuing philanthropic initiative, came in 2 …


For more information, step by step video instruction and supplies see Dick Blick Art Supply.  Tie-dye new shirts or repurpose used cotton garments with tie-dye!  Enjoy!

















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