Can I Dye a Wool Coat that Suffered Sun Damage?

I have a wool coat that has faded from the sun, and I would like to dye it another or darker color. I have contact several dry cleaners they don’t do dying. What can I do because the coat is in good condition except the faded areas.
Thank you

Dear Doris,
This is a tough one, and the answer is probably no.
1. Wool, a natural fiber, can be dyed, but it takes very hot water and will probably felt the fabric, shrink it, and pull it out of shape.
2. There is no guarantee about the dye taking evenly.
3. Sun fading distresses the fabric and generally weakens the fibers, further lending it to distorting when dyeing.
Remember, dyeing is a water-based process so you must be able to submerge the fabric, in this case in very hot water. I am sorry your coat is probably a loss. Maybe it’s time for a new one. If your closet has windows or a skylight, you could consider muslin garment protectors or one of those opaque clothes storage things from one of the big box housewares stores.

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