Restoring Furniture

Dear Andy, I recently found a furniture piece from the 1970’s that I had loved for YEARS – it is a one -of -a -kind rattan lounger with the COOLEST fabric cushions/ pillows – I have no idea what the fabric content is, and although these oatmeal – toned cushions/ pillows DO unzip for cleaning, I don’t know if the fabric is Washable or Dry Cleanable… the fabric seems to be cotton or linen, with geometric pom-pom-looking-fluffy-shaggy-strings sort of popping out all over – I am hoping you are familiar with this gorgeous fabric; I ALSO found a mid- century CHAIR, slip covered in the exact SAME fabric, and need to know how to properly CARE for my wonderful Finds!!! I didn’t know who to turn to until I found YOU, today!!! I BEG for your Expertise, and any help you offer will be Greatly Appreciated!!! Sincerely, Kim

Dear Kim: Bring the covers to a dry cleaner and see if they can do anything for you. Unless you want to recover these items, the best thing is to leave them the way they are and enjoy them now. Good Luck, Andy

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