Restoring The White Color On A Swimsuit

swimsuitI bought two white suits two years ago. I treated them very well and had them dry cleaned after wearing each of them. I stored them for the winter and when I took them out this year, they were horribly dingy, very noticeably yellowed. One jacket looks like it has oil all around the collar. From my vacation to Cancun, one pair of pants still has stains from a strawberry daiquiri that was wasted on me. I had both suits cleaned and even pointed out the daiquiri stains. What do I do? I don’t think they will ever be white again. I want to dye them, but I was wondering if the dye would react differently with the stained fabric versus the unstained fabric. Will the dye hide the discoloration? Is there anything I can do to salvage what used to be my favorite suits? Please Help!

Dear Yulonda: Time to go shopping for new white suits. These things do not last forever. Forget about dyeing them. Start over.
Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

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