Ribbon Embroidery Stitches: The Lazy Daisy

One of the most popular ribbon embroidery stitches is the Lazy Daisy. Does anyone know why it is called that? If you have an answer let me know.

It is a simple design. Perhaps the name indicates the ease in which this stitch is created.

Depending on the width of the ribbon used, this stitch can be used to create tiny violets to extravagant sunflowers. Oh! And, of course, the sweet daisy.

Usually the flower design consists of five petals surrounding the center. This is the pattern we will use in this instruction. Select a pastel lavender or blue 4mm ribbon if you wish to make a violet.

  1. With an air soluble marker, trace five lines coming from a center point that are 1/4″ long onto your fabric as many times as you wish to create a sweet bouquet.
  2. Secure the gathered end of the ribbon at the center of the flower with a few tacking stitches. Let the loose end of the ribbon extend to the right.
  3. Working clockwise, stitch to the end of the line (petal) closest to two o’clock. Move the ribbon to lay flat on the left side of the stitching.
  4. Slightly press on the lower part of the ribbon with your left finger as you bring the loose end around the back of the needle to rest at a six o’clock position. Move the needle one stitch further along the stitch line across the curve of the ribbon. Release the ribbon and brush it aside.
  5. With the ribbon out of the way, stitch back to the center. Do not stitch on the ribbon on the left side of the petal. You may stitch a bit to the right of the previous stitch, as this will be covered when the ribbon is brought down. End stitching in the same place you began to create a nicely pointed petal.
  6. Lay the loose end of the ribbon flat on the fabric letting the inner
    edges of the “petal” meet. Position the tweezers, as in the diagram, across the “petal. Apply a light pressure to the tweezers to secure the ribbon placement. With your left hand, hold the loose end of the ribbon tightly across the front of the needle. Stitch to tack the ribbon in place.

Continue this method around the flower until the flower is done. Cut the remaining ribbon away. Attach a yellow 2mm ribbon at the center of the flower and create a few loop stitches to finish your design.

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