Ribbon Produces

ribbonI have an idea for a ribbon….I am using a graphic designer to get the design on paper. Can you suggest a manufacturer of ribbons that I might approach to have this ribbon produced? Thanks…Barbara

Dear Barbara: Ribbons are printed in several different ways. One of the most popular uses a simple press. You can submit your design to www.cancreations.com, www.jkmribbon.com, or www.ribbonwarehouse.com or call these companies to see if they can create a plate that matches your design. In some cases, broad goods are first printed and then the fabric is slit into ribbon widths. Depending on the quantity of ribbon you want to print, you may have to print several thousand yards of broad goods in 45″ fabric and then have it slit. To create screens for the design, may run several thousand dollars per screen, per color. If you only want a few yards of ribbon, you may be able to have a digital printing company run off a few yards of fabric, and then have that slit. Digital printers usually charge a set up fee of $400-500 dollars, then a few hundred dollars a yard thereafter. Good Luck, Andy

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