Ripstop fabric – how to make it stronger


I am an artist working on an inflatable sculpture. I use ristop 0.9.  It will be outdoor in a place with wind so I really want to make sure the fabric is as strong as possible.  Are there any tips to do so? any silicon spray? sewing best practice?  Any advice will help!

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  2. Kirtsen says:

    I would coat the inside with a thin layer of possibly liquid latex or this stuff called H-float.  Hi-float is used in balloons to make them last longer so that the helium doesn’t leak out as fast.  I would need to do some research on it to see if it was safe for rip stop and what it’s degrade rate was but it might be a possibility.  Also I would look into water repellents for the exterior.  There are tons of sprays out on the market easily available that would help protect the ripstop from the elements.  Usually though they need maintaining and re-coating.  Seam sealant is a real necessity in this project I think.  E6000 would work but you might want to investigate a few different kinds and experiment with them to see what will work best for you.  Frey Check is an easy one and inexpensive but I think your going to need an industrial sized bottle.  Hope this helps and post a picture when your project is released to the public.  We here at Fabrics.net would love to see the end product.