Safe Regulations

Hello Andy, I just started a custom crib bedding business out of my home in Austin, TX. I was curious as to whether or not there were certain safety regulations that I had to follow? Have you heard of the organizations JPMA, CPSC or ASTM? Secondly, I am having trouble locating both vendors for baby bedding fabrics and fabric markets specific to baby bedding. It seems that apparel and upholstery fabrics are more easily found. Do you know of any vendors and do you know of any markets/shows that would be beneficial to go to for baby? Thanks so much for your help, Jessica

Jessica: I commend you on your research for your new company. There are many US Federal government rules and regulations, when it comes to baby bedding. This is not a business for the faint of heart or weak of wallet. Visit www.ftc.gov to find the rules and regulations pertaining to baby bedding. The CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, also may have some rules at their site. JPMA is the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, and I hear that their trade shows are the ones you want to attend, and maybe, sometime, exhibit you products there too. As far as finding the right fabrics, plan to attend some wholesale trade shows. Find out, in advance of attending, what US Federal government, flame retardant tests, the fabric must pass, before it can be used for bedding. Make sure your business has the proper liability insurance, and enough of it, to cover and protect you and your business, in case you get sued. Visit www.fabricshow.com and www.material-world.com to register to attend. The next show is the Material World show at the Miami Beach Convention Center, April 4-6. I will be there too, wearing my Ask Andy badge.

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