Safety of hand-made acrylic trivet?

I crocheted a square “trivet’ out of acrylic yarn and then realized that a hot pot might actually cause the trivet to scorch, burn, or worse, catch fire.  It looks pretty, but can I use it for that purpose?  Or do I need to just toss it?

By: Lisa Roday

One Response to “Safety of hand-made acrylic trivet?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Lisa,

    If the crochet project was a dress instead of a trivet would you put a hot iron on the dress to remove wrinkles from the dress? I don’t think I would as acrylic will melt and bond to the iron if the iron is too hot.

    Most hot pads or trivets are made of cotton with cotton or polyester batting to protect the hands or table. Cotton can withstand higher temperatures than acrylic or acetate.

    Hope this helps!