Salvaging Smoke and Water Damaged Fabric

I would like to know the following.
I would first like to give the back ground of the information I require.
We had shipped aprox 120000 meter of 100% viscouse fabric in grey. (it is 40 count light weight twill- ) the container got fire at the port of discharge- more then 50% of the container got damaged inside as well as outside.
The goods got damaged by the way of fire, excessive heat, smoke inside the container- and water (this was used by the fire brigade)-
Most of the goods dampened with water which was used to control the fire.
5 months already passed- the goods are kept as it is – in a custom warehouse –
I would like to know weather the strength of the grey fabric will remain the same- when the goods are not dried- and left without any care after the fire was taken control of in a dampened condition. is it worth spending money to clear the damaged cargo- will it be worth to dye and finish the goods which are not burned- but dampened in water for the last 5 months- will the strength remain the same?
Tkx rgds b.panda

Dear Panda,
What a story! What a question!!
Considering that viscose is a natural fiber (made of cellulose), and that it has been wet in a closed container for 5 months, I don’t think that the fabric could retain its original strength. Mold and mildew will break down natural fibers if left for any extended period of time. Mold will also interfere with the fabric’s ability to take any new dye. It removes the original color at an uneven rate. Smoke damage is really nasty, too. It is very difficult to get the smell out of any fabric, especially one that has been sitting for a long time. In effect, the answer is no dice on this long-suffering fabric. I suggest that you call your insurance company, and sell this fabric to the fiber recyclers for whatever you can get.

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