School Uniform

Dear Andy,
I hope you can help. I would like to sew my daughter’s school uniforms and I’m trying to find a fabric source. I need a washable, durable plaid- fabric content 100% polyester or poly blend. The plaid is a classic hunter green/ navy blue with a red and yellow windowpane. I tried asking the local uniform supplier for yardage, but understandably they were not forthcoming. I also posted my request on your fabric list, but did not get any response. Any suggestions?
In an unrelated question, maybe you could offer me some direction. I’ve designed (and sewn) garments that I would like to sell. How would I go about finding a contractor to produce it for me?
Thanks for your help. I enjoy reading the letters you post (and your responses!)

Dear Gitty: Forget about finding the plaid you need. It was probably made to order for a specific company. It is not available to anyone and everyone. Buy the garment from the source. Only they have the correct plaid. As far as sewing contractors, visit www.seams.org. They can supply a list of sewing contractors in your area or near by. Good Luck, Andy

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