Seamstress For My Wedding Veil

Dear Andy,
I was supposed to embroider for a friend 3 initials for a wedding veil. A seamstress made the veil, then my friend brought it to me, for the monogramming. After doing the monogramming, I was ironing it, with a ironing cloth, top & bottom, next thing I know the tulle has been scorched. The more I have tried to repair it, the bigger the hole has gotten. It is about 2 inches above the monogramming, quite noticeable. the hole itself has become about 2 and a half inches long, and less than a half of an inch deep. Is there ANY way to repair this, and it not be seen? I have never made a veil before, and that is where it looks like I am headed. Cannot stand the thought of showing this to my friend, who is already on the edge with her daughters wedding. Your help is greatly appreciated, AR

Dear AR: Contact the seamstress that made the veil. I don’t know of any way to repair the whole. You may have to start over with a new veil. Embroider the initials on a separate piece of fabric and attach it to the veil. Doing anything else is courting danger. Good Luck, Andy

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