Selling My Own Custom Made Shirts

Andy the last time I e-mailed you, I had the e-mail address xxxxxx. I have a few Nike T-shirts and they cost $19.99 each. That’s where I got the idea to start my clothing line with T-shirts and the price is going to be $19.99. The Nike T-shirts that I have, they have the Nike sign in thread. I’m going to have my name in thread. Do you know if a clothing line like Nike, just buy’s a lot of blank T-shirts like I plan on doing and just get the embroidery work or what? After I get the embroidery work on my T-shirts, do you know where I’m supposed to go get the name tags for the back of my T-shirts, like Nike have in the back of their T-shirts. I e-mailed some people in London, and asked them how much it cost to get my clothes put in Foley’s, they told me it shouldn’t cost me anything, they said I should get a C.O.D. or return on sales deal. I didn’t understand the return on sales deal, but my cousin told me the store would pay me after they sold my clothes. Do you know what is the minimum amount of T-shirts I could put in Foley’s.

Dear Marg: You can get the labels for your shirts at www.namelabels.com. Nike, has the T-Shirts custom made for them. As far as selling Foley’s, I think you received bad information. Call them directly and ask to speak with a buyer. Good Luck, Andy

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