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Hello Andy,
I have a wall hanging design, which is 28″x28″. I am thinking of getting it screen printed and then have someone stipple it for me for the finished look. I am looking to sell these to stores, catalogs, internet, etc.. My question is, would it be better to find a place who would like to buy these before I do the screen printing? If so, how do I find these people and what exactly are they called(manufactures or? ). I have no doubt that this design will sell, but I am still cautious about spending all that money getting the top of it screen printed without having any orders upfront. Do you agree with this? And when approaching companies, do you send them a picture of your design on paper or the actual fabric of it all sewn together?
Thank You,

Dear Jennifer: You’ve got some good questions. I can tell that you’ve thought about this for some time. You are on the right track. It is a good idea to have something sold, before investing in the money to have a screen made. What you may think is a great item, your wholesale customers, may not agree. If you have designs that are yours, have them copyrighted. You May have some protection from someone copying your designs if you have the money to invest in protecting those copyrights. Speak to attorney regarding copyrights and copyright protection.
If you are interested in selling your designs, try exhibiting or attending the Surtex show (www.surtex.com).
No need to send the prospective buyers the actual fabric. Make a photocopy or scan it and email it to them. Bring actual samples when you are meeting face to face. If you are intending to produce these even if you do not have any buyers lined up, plan on exhibiting at a Gift Show or working with some Giftware representatives.
Good Luck, Andy

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