Sequins Ruined?

My daughters costume is blue sequins. We have well water and it discolored majority of them. And now they are silver. Is there any way to repair this?


Thank you


By: Laurie

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  1. Another timely piece of information from Fabrics.net – with sequins and bling on so many pieces of clothing.

  2. Some sequins can be washed, some can be dry cleaned and I have even seen some where the care label states to not wash or dry clean. In general follow the directions on the care label. There is no one answer fits all, sorry.

  3. Judith says:

    Hi Laurie,

    Sorry but the sequins can’t be fixed. I doubt if the problem is the well water, though, what did the care label say on her costume?


  4. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Laurie,

    I have a feeling it wasn’t the well water but a chemical reaction with the detergent. Some lower grade sequins are for lack of a better term painted over. It is entirely possible the wash removed the top coat leaving the original silver behind. the only fix for this is to paint them again. However there is not a lot of paints out there that will adhere to the plastic that is sequins. Even if you did paint it, laundering it again would be a whole mess all on it’s own. If this is a play outfit that really doesn’t mean all that much then you can try Crylon spray paint. Be sure to let it set for a whole 24 hours before wear and wash it gently before letting your daughter wear it. I know this probably sounds like a weird fix but it is a costuming trick that is used more often than you would think. Hope that helps.