Sewing A Rolled Hem.

Hi Andy,
Do you have any tips/instructions on how to sew a “rolled hem”, I.E., kerchiefs – on a regular sewing machine? Thanks in advance for your help. Mary
Dear Mary: We’ve forwarded your sewing question on to Judith, our in house sewing expert. Sad to say, the most I’ve ever sewn has been a button. The last time I joined two pieces of fabric together, we glued them. Happy Sewing and Good Luck, Andy

Hi Mary,
Check with your sewing machine store to see if they have a rolled hem attachment, this is much easier than trying to do this hem without an attachment. When I do a rolled hem, I run a line of stitching about 1/4 to 3/8″ all around the scarf then press this under at the stitching line. Then, as I sew the hem, I use a large darning needle to turn the raw edges under. I do have a rolled hem attachment but haven’t used it enough to get comfortable with it.

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