Sewing Business

I would like to start my own home sewing business, (specializing in toddler’s clothing) after I retire from my regular job in about a year. Where can I find a source of good quality fabric in such things as cotton knits, corduroys, flannels, etc., in solids and children’s prints at wholesale prices? I would resell the fabric as well as the clothing. Thank You.

Dear Mary: For small quantities of fabrics, list your wants and desires here at www.fabrics.net.
If you really want to buy wholesale, then plan on attending one or more of the wholesale textile trade shows, around the county. Nothing beats meeting a new supplier, than a face to face meeting.
Visit www.fabricshow.com, www.material-world.com, and www.sewing.org, to find a show close to where you live.
Good Luck,

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