Sewing Contractors

I am in the process of starting a handbag line, but finding it very difficult to find local manufacturers who can produce bags at a reasonable price. Do you think that sewing contractors are more feasible than manufactures when starting out. Also, do you know where I can find clutch handles other than from sunbelt, or umx, I am looking for a variety of sizes and they don’t offer many. Lastly, as someone starting out and wanting to get sample bags done, can you tell me a little bit about the way prices work. Is it by each piece, the hour or what.
Thank You so much for your time

Dear Nicole: Visit: www.baglady.com to buy the handles and other hardware you need for your bags. As far as sewing, you’ll need some contractors to work for you. To find a list in your area or near by, visit www.seams.org. Good Luck, Andy

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  1. Ann D'Abreau says:

    Hi Nicole, still looking for a seamstress, I am available.