Sewing Machine Basics: Sewing Tools

Sewing Machine Basics: Sewing Tools

Even if you have the most expensive sewing machine without the basic sewing tools, you may find it difficult to finish your project. Our list is basic so personalize it for your needs.

Basic Sewing Tools

sewing machine kitPins

When choosing your pins, look for smooth, sharp and rustproof pins that can bend without breaking. Most often, these range in lengths from 1/2″ to 1 7/8″.  Use different types for general sewing, quilting, working with silks or knits.


Pincushion, of course, keep you safe from pins.  The most known is the red tomato with an emery-filled strawberry, which sharpens and cleans pins and needles; a rectangular, wristband pincushion mounted on a plastic wristband that is perfect for pin-fitting and marking hems; and magnetic “grabber” types that make for easy plop-and-drop pin catching.


There are many types of needles, and there are separate guidelines that give in-depth information on how to choose the correct one for your sewing project. For the most basic machine-sewing project, choose a universal or ball-point needle for knit fabrics, and a “sharp” for woven fabrics. Choose the size of the needle based on the weight of the fabric. For lightweight fabrics, choose a finer needle (lower numbers); for heavyweight fabrics, choose a thicker needle (larger numbers).

Tape Measure

Flexible fiberglass or fabric measuring tape that is ideal for taking body measurements, measuring patterns and layouts as well as general measuring. Fabric type measuring tapes tend to stretch after prolonged use.

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