Sewing Machine Repair: Basic Maintenance

Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance

A sewing machine is always part of a tailor’s life. Therefore, it is necessary that it is kept good so as to have longer life and give longer service. But how do you do basic maintenance of your sewing machine or do sewing machine repair?


Refer to your sewing machine manual

Your sewing machine manual is your best friend when it comes to troubleshooting your machine. Make sure that you secure your copy so that you can easily find it when you need it.


Unplug Your Machine

When cleaning your machine for maintenance, make sure that you unplug your machine. This is for your own safety and to prevent damage to your machine.


Sewing Machine Oil

If you are not familiar with sewing machine oil, this type of oil is a clear white oil.  Oiling the machine lubricates your moving parts to prevent wear. It also reduce the risk of rust. Rust forms rapidly with any dampness, even just the humidity in the air. Surface rust can act just like loose sand granule in your machine, and create excess wear.


Loose Screws

It is best that while you are oiling your machine, you also tighten the loose screws that you come across with. Set screws which usually require hex key wrenches, should only be adjusted by a repair person unless you have a complete understanding of the timing of your sewing machine.



You should always be watching for wear signs on wires but while you’re cleaning your machine, take the time to honestly inspect the wires.


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How expensive is that sewing machine check up you get? Servicing a machine seems so expensive to me, at least $100. They did say my inexpensive machine was worth servicing, because it was not made of plastic and


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