Sewing machine repair and maintenance

Sewing machines, when cared properly can last for a long time. That is why understanding sewing machine repair and maintenance can save you from hassle and save bucks!

Sewing machine repair and maintenance

Here are some of the basic things you should know about sewing machine repair and maintenance:

Take time to browse your user’s manual. This will save you from unnecessary hassles and expenses. Most of the time, sewing machine problem only happens because of lack of oil and cleaning.

Sewing Machine Repair and Protection and Cleaning

Having your sewing machine covered with a piece of cloth can do a lot. It ensures that the machine is safe from lint, dust and other particles that can enter the machine and cause it to rust. This is especially important for computerized sewing machines. In this type, you are trying to keep the sensitive circuit boards away from physical and weather hazards.
Compressed Air

Use the user’s manual before using compressed cannned air to avoid blowing unnecessary dirt or lint into different areas of the machine’s mechanism. If the manual approves this cleaning method, you can use it to clean the small areas your brush can’t get into.


Replacing Light Bulbs and Broken Needles

Make sure you have the bulb’s model number and that the sewing machine is switched to the “off” position prior to changing the bulb. Additionally, bent or broken sewing needles must be replaced immediately. You can do this by raising the needle bar to its highest position and loosening up the needle clamp screw, you can slide the needle as far as it can go and tighten the clamp. You can test the new needle by stitching onto a piece of scrap fabric.

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