Sewing Machine Repair Tips: Brother VX 1100

Brother VX 1100Sewing Machine Repair Tips: Brother VX 1100

One of the sewing machine repair and maintenance basics is to clean your machine often so as not to accumulate dirt that can cause problems. In case of a brother sewing machine like Brother VX 1100, the sliding parts of the shuttle race should be cleaned regularly to avoid lint from accumulating.

Sewing machine repair tip 1: Remove the shuttle hook

1. First, raise the needle to its highest position and open the shuttle cover.
2. Take out the bobbin case.
3. Push the latch levers outside and remove retaining rings.
4. After this, you can remove the hook by holding the center post of the hook.
5. Make sure that you keep the needle to its highest position as the shuttle hook cannot be removed once the needle is lowered.

Clean the shuttle race

1.This time you can already remove the dirt and accumulated lint and thread from the retaining ring, driver, the race body and the hook using a brush.

2. Always use a machine oil to wipe the shuttle race clean.

3. Clean the shuttle hook also with a dampened cloth with machine oil.

4. After cleaning, you can now reassemble the shuttle race.

How to clean the feed dog

1. Using a coin to unscrew, remove the needle plate.

2. Clean the upper part of the shuttle race body and the feed dog with a brush

This article is for learning purposes. You should always refer to your machine manual for basic troubleshooting.
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