Sewing Nylon Chiffon

Sewing nylon chiffon and sheers can be difficult when the nylon chiffon is knit rather than woven. Make sure you handle it properly. Here are some tips in sewing knit nylon chiffon fabric.

nylon chiffon
A Straight Hem

Make sure the cut edge of the hem is even.  Use a straight edge or ruler to even the cutting edge of the chiffon draw a straight line on the chiffon.  Cut off the excess with a ruler so it will not slip. Look for a ruler that will not slip.


Cutting Nylon Chiffon

Place tissue paper under the fabric. Pin or place weights. Cut through the pattern paper and the fabric. Cut very straight! Cut as a single fabric.



Starting the rolled hemmer is the important step to a straight hem. Fold edge of fabric about 1/8″ (a distance of only about 2 inches from edge). Finger crease. Lower your foot, having the needle enter near the edge of fabric. Take a couple of stitches.

Raise the foot. Pull the back threads with left hand, and wiggle the hem into the hemmer scroll. A little jiggling will get it in properly. You will know it is in the scroll when you can’t move the foot backwards any more.

Lower the foot and begin sewing, keeping the back threads and fabric a little taunt. It is important to keep the mouth of the hemmer full of fabric for an even hem.


Needle Plate

Use a small hole needle plate so the fabric doesn’t get pushed into the hole. If you don’t have a small hole, put some tape over the hole. Lower the needle several times (no thread) to make a hole in the tape.


Machine Needles

Use universal needles size 60/8 to 70/10.

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