Sewing Silk Charmeuse

Yesterday, we discussed how to sew on your silk charmeuse. Since it is an expensive material, you can take it slowly or run the risk and buy another fabric. As a continuation of yesterday’s post, on How to Sew Silk Charmeuse, here are other tips on how to handle this luxury fabric.

Controlling the fabric

Charmeuse can be slippery. To control the personality of the fabric, lay it flat over a layer of tissue paper to cut out your pattern. Use weights or silk pins, and cut through the paper and the fabric at the same time.  If you have problems with the silk slipping as you sew, pin the two layers to small strips of tissue paper and tear the tissue off after seaming.

Ways to use your charmeuse

Blouses, dresses, evening wear, bridal wear, skirts, tops, tees, scarves, and upscale lingerie.

Sewing patterns and styles

You can use the following as creative ways to sew your fabric. However make sure you work first on a scrap before working on a full garment.

1. Pintucks

2. Lace applications

3. Beading

4. Multiple topstitching

5. Bias cuts

6. Ruffles

7. Ruching

Watch out for more tricks and tips from fabrics.net.


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