Sewing Tips: Silk Chiffon Fabric

Fabric Tips: Sew on Bias of a Silk Chiffon

Sewing can be a bit tricky and hard especially for thin and lightweight fabrics. Even the best seamtress would become crazy if these fabrics are not prepared properly. Here are some tricks to sew on the bias of the grain, either with a bias cut garment, or with a skirt cut with multiple A-line panels, especially for silk chiffon fabric.

Cutting Silk Chiffon Fabric

  1. Make sure that you have enough work space to work your fabric. Make sure that your space is big enough so that you won’t have to move it to cut out all your pieces.
  2. Lay your fabric piece over tissue paper to cut then cut the fabric and the tissue as one. This helps keep your fabric from shifting and warping as you cut it, and means you will know exactly what size the piece should be.
  3. Use fabric weights to keep your fabric in place and prevent it from moving.
  4. Cut each fabric individually.
  5. Use serrated scissors or a rotary cutter to cut your fabric. These cut without as much slipping.

Preparing the Fabric

Pin and Baste. Use fine silk pins. While basting can be time consuming, it saves you from having to redo.





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