Shedding Sweater

hi Andy
I came across your website and thought maybe you can help me. I just recently bought a sweater with
44% viscose
43% nylon
6% angora
4% cashmere
and 3% spandex
a lot of things.. I know.
next time I know to look at the label before I purchase & wear something :
this sweater drives me crazy because it sheds.. and I’m surprised it does at all.
why does it shed?
and is there anything I can do to make it shed less.
do you think I can machine wash on gentle?
looking forward to your help & response.
thanks a lot :)

Claudia: First, read the care instructions on the label. Only machine wash if it tells you, you can. To stop the shedding, return the sweater. Sorry, but that is the only surefire way to do it.
Good Luck, Andy

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