Sheers That Are Polyester

I purchased specially designed, appliquéd white sheers which are 100% polyester, thinking I could tea dye them or use commercial dye to achieve a light cream shade to coordinate with my bedspread. I have been unable to find on the Internet any means of changing their color. Is it possible to do? I understand that polyester fiber does not want to accept any dye, but is there a way to override that?
Thank you so very much.

Dear Virginia,
Sorry, you can’t dye your polyester sheers. If you can’t find sheers in the exact color you want, and you want to experiment with tea dyeing, I suggest getting silk gauze or cotton gauze and dyeing that. Search the internet and also make a search at fabrics.net for silk or cotton gauze. If you can’t find what you want, let me know.

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