Shrank My Hoodie

I was just wondering if you knew a way to be able to shrink my hoody.
Its about 2 years old, & its already been washed a ton of times. Since I lost a lot of weight, I was hoping to be able to wear it without it looking like the hoody is eating me because it is so huge on me. haha ; so, I was just wondering, Would I be able to shrink it? Its a Large, & I would like for it to become at least a medium or maybe even smaller. Its made out of 50% cotton, & 50% polyester.
I’ve already tried washing it in hot water & then drying it on the hottest temperature that my dryer could go on. & it barely shrank. Please! I really hope that you would have some ideas for me on how to shrink it, I would really appreciate it!
Thank You

Ashley: Celebrate your new body, by treating yourself to a new Hoody.
Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

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