Shrikage Caused By Washing

Dear Andy:
I just purchased two designer 100% rayon chenille sweaters at Good Will. They are both well made with a lot of design detail and were kept in good condition by their previous owner, but they need to be cleaned. Can I safely clean them with Woolite on the gentle cycle of the machine? Or will they shrink and/or lose their fibers?
I’ve noticed that chenille sweaters and scarves that I have dry cleaned eventually lose their pile. Here, I’m more worried about the cost of cleaning; also, I think the machine and Woolite clean a garment better and leave it fresher than dry cleaning.
Thank You for any help you can provide!

Sally: I’ve always favored a professional dry cleaner.
The best thing to do is Nothing at all.
The more these garments are “cleaned” the worse they get.
Try to leave them alone. Wear them and enjoy them.
Good Luck, Andy

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