Side, Back, Center and a Celebration of the Zipper Inventor

Although the first patent for the zipper was issued in 1851, it was many years until the zipper was widely used:  Zipper anniversary: 10 bits of trivia to impress the pants off you – CBC.ca

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CBC.caZipper anniversary: 10 bits of trivia to impress the pants off youCBC.caThe concept of a zipper got its start when an American, Elias Howe, earned a patent in 1851 for his Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure. His idea was ahead of its time, b …


I found many clever shortcuts and new methods on inserting a zipper, first the Invisible Zipper:  sewing 101: the easiest zipper – see kate sew

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If you’ve never sewn an invisible zipper, it might surprise you that it is the easiest kind of zipper to sew in. Yep, the easiest! Plus, it look so nice on your garment, the zipper just looks a like a seam! So neat and clean.


If you have ever struggled with sewing a zipper into a lined dress, imagine simple instructions without machine sewing and hand sewing: Sewing a zip to the dress fabric and lining at the same time | Sleek

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Hey,. After my post on my first designed dress (!) I mentioned that I found a way to sew the lining and dress fabric to the zip at the same time without the need for hand sewing. Helen suggested that I show how I did this, so here

This clever blogger sews a lapped zipper: 

Lapped Zipper Tutorial — Gold Coast Sewing Classes

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HOW TO SEW…. A lapped Zipper. Tools required: Dress zip. Thread snips. a couple pins. measuring tape. Instructions: Put zipper foot on machine and needle all the way over to the left. Zipper foot should be on left hand side.

Inserting a centered zipper:  Sewing a Centered Zipper

Sewing a Centered Zipper. Become a better fashion sewer at http://www.fashionsewingblog.com Subscribe to FashionSewingBlogTV today at http://www.youtube.com/


Do you know how to repair a zipper?  LifeHacker is here to help:

How to Fix Every Common Zipper Problem – Lifehacker

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Zippers haven’t changed much since they were first invented, and neither have the problems we all have with them. From stuck zippers to teeth that just won’t clinch, here’s how to fix all the problems you’ll run into with

I hope we have covered the zipper for you!  One last hint that I learned about inserting zippers is that Painters Tape is sometimes good to use in pace of pin basting.  This tape doesn’t gum up the sewing machine needle or the fabric. 







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