Silk Faille, Bengaline, Taffeta, Ottoman, Grosgrain, What Do These Fabrics Have in Common?

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And the answer is…..all of these fabrics have cross wise grains.  The most pronounced is grosgrain [groh-greyn] followed by bengaline [ben-ga-line] and ottoman then faille [fahyl] then taffeta.

Excellent photos and descriptions can be seen at The Upstairs Sewing Room:The Upstairs Sewing Room: Mother of the bride outfit! Fabric found!!


We looked at a couple of different fabrics, but when the salesclerk showed us a fabulous red silk faille, I was in love! It was a lovely red (not that orange red but a clear, blue red) and was a nice weight with some texture to it.

A must see silk faille dress with beautiful embroidered flowers:  Erdem Mette Embroidered Cotton and Silkfaille Dress


Erdem Mette’s Embroidered Cotton and Silkfaille Dress is a must-have fashion item. This is definitely going to look gorgeous o you.

Gwen Stefani’s pink and white silk faille wedding dress is one of my favorite silk faille dresses of all time.  Designer John Galliano’s design accents the beauty of the fabric while not overpowering  the bride:  Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses of All Time


designer John Galliano is a beautiful creation in pink and not at all the typical white gown. Stefani wanted her wedding to be unique and that is exactly what she got in this beautiful dress made from white and pink silk faille.

More about bengaline and taffeta in upcoming articles.




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