Silk/Velvet Dyeing

velvetDear Jennifer
I am doing research for a friend of mine=she likes silk and velvet because they feel smooth on her skin and are luxurious fabrics.
what are best silk/velvet materials to dye, what types of dyes you offer, and pricing info…. also, if you can inform me of the application uses I would appreciate it.
oh, also, what is best material to use that is machine washable, and waterproof
thank you for your assistance

Dear Mike,
you can find the answers to all your questions at www.dharmatrading.com. All the silks and velvets they sell there are dyeable and washable. Just keep in mind the original dyeing process will result in some shrinkage, so buy extra fabric to start. Another place to look is www.prochemical.com. They carry some fabrics and a few more dye colors.
have fun,

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