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I saw the FAQ response concerning dyeing of upholstered furniture. I took the response to be in reference to the entire piece of furniture. I’ve got my mom’s recliner and there is an limited area where the original blue color is scorched orange from her heating pad. It’s contained within an area approximately 6 inches x 6 inches. It unfortunately is in a highly visible area, approximately dead center on the upright portion of the chair. Do you think the SimplySpray product might at least diminish the rather obvious contrast of the orange scorch? What are the potential risks or downsides to doing this? I’m thinking primarily about damage to clothes that might contact that area.
– I’m not terribly concerned about having to reapply intermittently, if that proves to be the case.
– I’m not too worried about damaging the current material color since it’s already damaged. I could easily consider disposing of the chair but I’d like to salvage it if I can.
If I read the SimplySpray site correctly, the product is available at JoAnn’s and there is one relatively accessible. Thank you,

Dear Kenneth,
You can try it if you want to experiment. I sincerely doubt that you will be able to match an exact color, but there’s a chance you could at least get an improvement.
1. SimplySpray comes in limited number of colors, could be quite difficult to match, whatever color you end up with might be more noticeable
2. could come out a different texture
3. scorch weakens fibers so this would not be a permanent solution, eventually the fabric will tear or fray
4. could come out worse than what you started with
1. You could have fun spraying the chair
2. You have nothing to lose, you can always give the chair to charity and get a new one
3. You could get quite creative and make an art piece out of the chair
good luck!

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