Simply Spray Spray-on Fabric

I have a cute sofa that is a soft yellow color. If you have ever seen the sitcom “The Parkers”, it is that same exact sofa. I love the pattern, but would love to “stain” it to be more neutral (beige, tan)… I know you can do this with some fabrics/paper with tea bags. Is there a way to treat upholstered fabric so that it matches all of my other furniture? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Dear Lisa,
I don’t recommend any method of dyeing upholstered furniture except Simply Spray spray-on fabric dye, which comes in a limited number of colors. Check out their video on sofa-dyeing at www.simplyspray.com. Keep in mind that all dyeing is an experiment, and that you will be adding color on top of the yellow you have there.

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