Smaller Quantitys

Dear Andy, Our local dance troupe has been looking for a wool crepe in a specific color and weight for 2 years now. (We need to match as closely as possible the material that was used to make over 100 dance costumes.) I have been told by several large fabric stores/distributors that the color and weight is nearly impossible to find. The fabric is manufactured overseas; however we are not able to purchase over 1000 yards. Do you have any suggestions beyond a posting on the web site where we could find an importer that could order this for us in a smaller quantity. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

JoBeth: A listing on the search area here at Fabrics.Net, would be a good start. Actually, it may be less expensive, in the long run, to purchase 1000 yards of the exact fabric you need, than to spend the time and money, searching around the planet for it. Try contacting other Irish Dance companies around the US. If you are looking for this fabric, they may have already found a source, or may be looking for the same. You may have an opportunity to sell your excess fabric needs, to other dance studios. If all else fail, try finding a source in Ireland. Happy Shopping and Good Luck. Andy

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