Smells In Fabrics

fabricHi Andy…
I have an ultrasuede couch ( a large sectional that also has 4 throw pillows in same fabric) that I purchased in Aug. 03. It has always had an odor, but I thought it was just from being new. Over this past summer the odor has increased and is very disturbing to me. It almost smells like old rubber erasers. I love the couch (it looks great and is very comfortable) but I don’t know what to do. My whole living room smells from it. I have tried Fabreeze, but that only helps very short term. Once that odor dissipates, you can smell the couch as strong as ever. I also purchased an ultrasuede chair at another store and that is fine. Any suggestions about what I can do.
Thank You, Evie

Dear Evie: Call the store where you purchased the couch. The odor should be gone by now. I hope that you purchased the couch using a major credit card. There may be little that you can do, after one year. You should have reacted sooner. Good Luck, Andy

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