Softest Liquid Withstand Fabric

I am searching for the softest piece of fabric that can constantly endure being wet but will retain its property no matter what type of liquid that it take on.

Something that can be wash constantly if needed but remain soft to the skin.

By: Trennique Godlove

One Response to “Softest Liquid Withstand Fabric”

  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Dear Trinnique,

    The only fabric that I know of that will do this is called a shammy. It is used by swimmers to get dry after getting out of the pool or by car detailer’s or bike owners. Its a mix of rayon and polypropylene. Referred to on the market as supper shammy. I have only ever seen it sold in small sections or squares. It will eventually break down, especially if it is wrung out a lot. I don’t know what chemical will break down the fibers but I know there is one.

    hope that helps.